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2016 MLP San Diego Comic Con exclusive

MLP Comic Con Packaging 2016Hi! I got the chance to illustrate the packaging for the My Little Pony Comic Con exclusive toy this year with direction from Hasbro! If you are at Hasbro’s booth, buy this bad boy…er, and girl! 😉

The update will have to wait

Well, I took my website down for a while with the intent on making a completely new and updated one. This one is very out of date! However, I don’t have the time right now, so the update will have to wait! To be continued…=)

Jem fan art!

I was watching Jem on Netflix a while back and decided to create a piece of fan art! Meet JemCAT! Ha, I decided to make her a feline after seeing Zootopia.



Oscar sketches

Oscar2016!This is how my cat looks at me every day. I’m starting to get a complex.

Disney Descendants Hasbro Dolls


I had the opportunity to work with Hasbro on the Disney Descendants doll line. I drew face turns of each character to give to the sculptor with direction from Hasbro. The final dolls look SWEET!

menagerie schmenagerie

brushplayHere are some creature concepts I did today while testing out some new photoshop brushes.

Starchasers-Moon Queen vs. Sun King!

I googled “Sun vs. moon” and found tons of cool yin and yang imagery that served as great inspiration for this 1st pass concept sketch. =)


The Moon Queen

Here’s a really rough image of the Moon Queen for Starchasers. Shes’ a bit Avatar-esque. Looking forward to doing a better version of her and the Sun King in the near future!


Starchasers II

I couldn’t stop with the Star Chasers! Here is a group shot of several characters. I’m really having fun with this idea, and there will be more to come!



StarChaser concept art

I felt like having some fun this Friday and am putting together a cast of characters that I'm calling The StarChasers. Here's the first conceptual illustration! More to come!

I felt like having some fun this Friday and am putting together a cast of characters that I’m calling The StarChasers. Here’s the first conceptual illustration! More to come!