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Fish Heads is a new property I came up with about a high school of fish. Get ready to be hooked! ©Sparklepup ©Kelly Grupczynski Illustration, Inc 2017


A silly purse concept I came up with. Very rough pieced together image, but you get the idea.


StarChasers is another property I developed on my own. I'm working on the story, but I like the idea of having these super hero-like animal characters zipping through the sky leaving colorful comet trails. Their capes are die cut and when they are pulled around them, the characters blend right in with the night sky and disappear! Perhaps even forming their own constellations.

StarChaserPoster ©Sparklepup
SunKingVSMoonQueen ©Sparklepup

Starchasers Sun King vs. Moon Queen vis dev image

Under Sparklepup, I plan to launch some new intellectual property ideas that I've had for a while. Some are product ideas, while others are more story driven. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in any of these ideas, please contact me at

Star Chasers visual development ©Sparklepup 2015 ©Kelly Grupczynski Illustration, Inc

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